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Former frontend and backend developer forging a career in UX design.

I’ve always been a good problem solver and UX, like most design, is about finding solutions to problems.

It is the combination of creativity, analysis and understanding people that drove me to UX to the point of giving up my previous role as a full-stack developer in order to study full-time and retrain in this field.

I have over 15 years prior experience working in technology teams for various companies covering e-Commerce, advertising and music and with roles spanning frontend and backend development, quality assurance and testing.


The 4 Ds - The Double Diamond

Diagram of the Double Diamond design process

There are many variations to this design process and its various stages and it is not always as simple and linear as the diagram shows.

It's about the relationship between the diverging phases of discovery and design/ideation and the converging stages of defining and delivering something of value.


This is a big phase of a project and requires lots of work. It is an exploratory phase about gaining knowledge and understanding of users and business drivers.

Techniques & methods: Competitor analysis, surveys, user research, users interviews and stakeholder interviews.


Converting knowledge into insight - this is about defining the problem and areas to focus on. It is converging in nature and leads towards the design problems you will be focussing on.

Techniques & methods: Creating personas, user scenarios, user flows, user journeys and experience maps, problem statements, feature prioritisation.


This is the ideation phase in which you should try and restrain from limiting yourself, approaching designing with an open mind. You can also start evaluating designs collaboratively and assess their feasabilty.

Techniques & methods: Sketching, design studios, crazy 8s, paper prototypes, wireframes, high fidelty interactive prototypes.


This is what you deliver to the client or the user. It is the latest version of a product or feature. It also gives us another oportunity to get feedback and deepen our understanding further.

Techniques & methods: Design specification, high fidelity designs, clickable prototype, client presentations, recomendations and next steps.



I am currently looking for UX opportunities. Please do contact me!

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